The birth of Mimicr.

The idea of screen sharing came to me sometime last year when I was sitting in the lobby of Ace Hotel NYC with my laptop working on a landing page for a project I was testing at the time. It was right after New Years so motivation was high and ideas were flowing.

I look up from my laptop and see two lady friends comfortably lounging on the sofa with their cell phones in hand. It appears they're going through their Instagram feeds. After every few scroll, they'd nudge one another and show each other their phones, typically followed by a giggle or a smart comment about what they've just witnessed on each other's screens. This kept going on...and on.......and on..................and on.

At first I was annoyed. They were distracting me from my work; and my latte. But then, several things hit me at once:

1. People have a deep innate desire to share with others (duh).

2. This desire is truly fulfilled only when both parties involved experience the shared moment at the same time.

3. How we currently share content today does not fully satisfy that urge.

Nowadays, whenever we come across a cool content we want to share with someone, we have to go through the rather cumbersome tasks of saving files onto our phones (taking screenshots is the worst), attaching them to our messaging apps (which can take a while if files are large) to then send to our friends. Then we wait......

When we finally get an answer back:

1. We would have moved on to other things. Our excitement regarding the shared content has already diminished.

2. The responses we get back are at times disingenuous or delayed reactions at best: How many times have we responded "LOL" when we are not actually "LOL"-ing?

3. It does not "feel" like a true shared experience similar to the one shared by the girls when they would look at a Fat Jewish post on Instagram together and giggle incessantly to everyone's distaste (how do I know that it was a Fat Jewish post they were laughing at? I don’t).

I realized that in most cases, there is simply no need to send anyone anything. The only reason we resort to messaging social content to our friends is simply because they are not next to us. If they were, we would simply just show them the content on our own phones!

Hence came the birth of Mimicr. I asked myself what's the best way to recreate a true shared experience with friends when they are not physically present. The answer was quite obvious:

- Create a live screen sharing app.

- Slap a voice call function to it (in speaker mode of course) to capture all the giggles.

This will allow friends to "stream" their screens content to each other in livetime. The voice chat function will allow them to hold a conversation simultaneously about the shared content. So whether it’s a funny cat video on YouTube, a cool article on Facebook or even a live mobile game play, friends will be able to see and experience the content together at the same time. It will feel immediate, honest and fun!

The only thing then missing from having our friends next to us is physical contact, which we plan to incorporate in future upgrades.....(kidding).

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