App Description

Mimicr  is a screensharing app for phones. It allows for mobile to mobile screen sharing and live voice call in real time.

Friends and family can now share anything to each other in live time (photo albums, text messages, Instagram feeds, video games all in one session!). Works on any network or location.

  • Instant screenshare via phone call.

  • Voice chat function: Talk through the speaker phone as you're sharing your screen.

  • Fun emojis: No need to always talk; express your reactions with playful emojis.

  • Pause connection: Need to address something private? Pause the screen sharing momentarily, before resuming the action.

  • Switch screen function: Swap presenters at any time

  • Platform: Android

  • Release Date: December 2nd, 2018

  • Price: Free

  • Founder: Ted Kebede

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