1. How does it all Work?
Mimicr offers two different ways of screen sharing:
Mobile to Mobile:
Works like a regular calling app. After activating your phone number, you simply call any of your Mimicr contacts to start a screen sharing session. When your contact picks up, the screen sharing begins and your entire phone screen will be live streamed to your contact's phone. He/She will be able to see everything that's happening on your phone. This is fully interactive with abilities to exchange emojis, switch presenters, faster connection...
Mobile to Browser: Screen sharing initiated by sending a web link to your desired friend who can access your screen on Chrome browser on a PC or Android device. This is handy if you prefer to stream your screen on a larger computer screen or if your friend has not downloaded the Mimicr app. This does not require phone activation and allows you to share your screen with friends who don't have the app installed. But it's one way sharing.
2. What if none of my contacts are on Mimicr?
Mobile to Mobile:
There is a built in invite contacts section which will allow you to invite your contacts to the app. When they download the app, you will get notified that they have joined Mimicr and you can begin your screen sharing sessions.
Mobile to Browser:
Your contacts do not need to install the app with this feature. You simply your contact a link they can access on the web using the Google Chrome Browser (Please note they can only access on a PC, or Android phone/tablet. IOS currently not supported)
3. How can I talk and share at the same time?
Mimicr is not only a screen sharing app but also a voice calling one. When your contacts pick up your phone call, the voice calling function gets initiated as well through the speaker phone. So you will be able to voice chat using the speaker phone simultaneously as you share your screen. 
4. How do I access other calling options during a screen sharing session?
At the bottom right (for presenters) or left (for viewers) of your screen, you will find a blue or green option menu where you have the ability to mute/unmute audio, interact with emojis, pause/end the screen share session or switch presenters.
5. What about security? Is it safe?
Yes, Mimicr is a remote viewing app; it doesn't allow anyone to control your phone but yourself. The person on the other side of the call can only see your screen, not control it. Furthermore, us here at Mimicr do not get to see or hear any of your calls. The screen sharing sessions are strictly limited to you and the person you've called. And if something private happens come up while a screen share is ongoing. you have the ability to pause the session until you address your private matter and then resume back the action. 
6. Does this work on WiFi? Network?
It works on both. As long as you have a decent internet connection (wifi or network) with an Android 5.0 or above operating system, you will be able to screen share seamlessly with anyone anywhere. Distance does not matter. For a good sense of your connection, network strength is also displayed on the top left section of your screen: green dot for great connection, yellow for average and red for weak. 
7. Why do I have to provide my phone number to activate the app?
Mimicr operates like a calling app. To initiate a screen sharing session with someone, you have to call them from your Mimicr contacts list. People will only appear on that list if a) their phone numbers is already in your phone's address book and b) if they have downloaded and activated the Mimicr app. So similar to all other calling/messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Viber or Facebook Messenger, we have to validate your phone number to connect you with your friends/colleagues that have joined Mimicr. Rest assured, your phone number does not get shared with anyone nor will you ever be contacted by Mimicr using that phone number. 
8. Do I have to root my phone for this to work?
No, nor do you have to send special codes or links to join your session. You simply call and begin sharing.
9. What if I run into problems with the app or have suggestions on how to improve it?
We are all ears. Please send us an email to mimicrapp@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.