Join the new age of sharing and become a trendsetter!

What’s more fun than browsing Instagram, watching YouTube videos or playing video games on your phone? Doing all of the these together with friends! 

With Mimicr, you can now share your phone screen instantly to your friend and hangout as if you were together!

With a simple phone call, instantly stream/mirror your entire mobile screen to your friend’s Android phone and talk about what you're sharing.                                                                                                         
With the Mobile to Browser feature, you can also stream your mobile screen to a unique link online and invite your friend to view on a computer.

Screen Sharing for Phones

React with emojis

Don't feel particularly chatty? express yourself using fun and playful emojis.

Talk While You Share

Thanks to the voice chat function, you can also talk simultaneously through the speaker phone as you're

sharing your screen!

Live Experience

No file transfer, no delayed reactions, no time wasted.

Mimicr replicates the actual experience shared when friends are together!

Easy to Use!

  • Instant screenshare via phone call (works just like a calling app). Call any of your friends from your Mimicr contacts; as soon as they pick up, the screen sharing session begins along with the voice chat!

  • Pause the connection: Need to address something private? Pause the screen sharing momentarily, before resuming the action.

  • Switch screen function: Swap presenters at any time!